In a few words

ODYSSEE is a tool for industrial process discovery, real-time model generation and product optimization. It is based on various technologies: robust optimization, virtual testing, data mining, etc. Designed in a modular manner which allows a low-cost solution tailored to the needs of the end-user without unnecessary complexity, it allows rapid assembly of your “best-practice” vertical application.

Prize of the most Innovative Product 2015

CADLM's ODYSSEE software was awarded today the winner of the "Grand Prix - Most Innovative Product - 2015" voted by a representative public of over 600 companies assembled for the 10th anniversary of number one French network of software editors SYSTEMATIC.Most innovative product award

ODYSSEE: Optimal Decision Support System for Engineering and Expertise

ODYSSEE is a platform of interlinked modules, which operate and drive the optimization process and tools, enhanced when needed by python scripts, allowing for quick process build-up and application model creation. The package is Python compatible and allows all other existing programmes (executables) to be imported and added to the toolbox. The toolbox provides many mathematical functions and operators for scalar, vector and matrix manipulations. Vertical applications may be created and used as stand-alone software for various industrial applications.

Stellar Module

Pulsar Module

Meteor Module

Quasar Module

Nebular Module(New!)

VT-Compare Application(New!)

CADLM develops ans extends this platform under a freeware/shareware model and provides services around it. Contributors are wellcome and will receive free versions as well as bonuses and gifts.

It offers a library including mathematical components as well as components based on innovative methodologies developped by CADLM.

Various kinds of applications may be implemented thanks to its intuitive interface:

Stellar interconnectivity

The Stellar module can build a process flow via an assembly of blocks of instructions created by users or proposed in the library of ODYSSEE. Each blocks can be shared in multiple projects. The library of blocks is updated by CADLM for the users’ community.